Royal China Group have several restaurants in London. Royal China Club is probably one of their more expensive, fine dining locations.

The restaurant is just a short walk from Baker Street station.

The interior is nice, although nothing special.

The tables are set with both chopsticks and western cutlery.

For me, the biggest draw, apart from meeting friends, was their Dim Sum menu. I think these are called ‘potstickers’ in the USA.

And the Dim Sum were absolutely delicious. In fact, I wish I’d ordered more Dim Sum as a main course, especially as we were sharing. Here’s what was left by the time I managed to take a picture.

The food prices weren’t bad for central London. The wines were expensive, with the lowest priced bottles at £40.

I had 1/4 crispy duck (£15.50) as a main course. Crispy duck (shredded), with the Hoisin sauce, cucumber sticks, spring onions and pancakes is a classic dish in England – but not easy to find in central Europe – that’s why I went for crispy duck. It was okay, but really not better than any local Chinese restaurant.

Would I return? Well I went to meet friends who really like this restaurant and so would do so again just for their benefit. Next time, I think I’ll stick to dim sum and have a few large glasses of wine before I arrive.

Royal China Club
40-42 Baker Street

+44 207 486 3898