Nuremberg is an interesting place to visit, not least because of it’s historical significance as the site for the Nuremberg Nazi Rallies and then the Nuremberg trials. The city is nice enough, but not chocolate-box beautiful like Salzburg. The city’s central square is a giant market and the castle isn’t that impressive. The people are friendly and all seem happy to speak English.

If you’re planning to visit for a full couple of days and plan to take a bus out to the Documentation Centre, it’s probably worth buying the Nuremberg Card. This gives you admission to just about all the museums is also good for all travel on public transportation. If you just plan on wandering around the centre then don’t bother.

The price is EUR 25 for two consecutive days (kids EUR 5). We picked our up from the tourist office just opposite the main railway station. It doesn’t look like you can order the card online, but you can read more about it here:

Our only benefit from the card was entry to the Nuremberg Historical Museum (in the centre), the Documentation Centre (about 20 minutes ride from the centre), plus the convenience of being able to ride the metro and buses without needing a ticket – I’d guess we came out about even.

Here are some pictures from around the town (it was Oct 7th and so the weather wasn’t that good). Tomorrow I’ll cover the rally grounds and the Documentation Centre.