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Simpson Travel is a family-owned, UK-based, travel company that offers bespoke package holidays to Europe and Turkey. I’m guessing that I’ve just reduced my chances of becoming one of their travel ambassadors, by using the word ‘package’ – their website doesn’t mention the P word. In my defence I did prefix it with ‘bespoke’!

The Simpson website has a competition to become a Travel Ambassador. Much as I like the sound of the title, I also like that the winner is also given £5000 to spend on a Simpson Travel holiday. The competition (closes in two days) is here: https://www.simpsontravel.com/about-us/competitions/become-a-simpson-travel-ambassador

I almost didn’t bother to enter (BTW @ Simpson T – this is my entry so don’t give up yet) as I tend to book flights, car and accommodation separately for the majority of my holidays. I like to choose travel providers based on my loyalty status (currently BA Gold, Hilton Diamond and Hertz President’s Circle), some trip advisor reviews and price. However, it does look like Simpson Travel are able to tailor their holidays to suit specific requirements, rather than offer one-size-fits-all packages.

I’ve never taken a Simpson Holiday. They ask ‘We’d like to know what inspires you about our holidays‘. I decided to take a look and was immediately impressed at the level of personal service they provide – this isn’t a company that just sends you some flight tickets and a hotel voucher. It seems that every hotel and villa has been visited by a member of their staff. Personal chef? Nanny for the children? All possible. I was actually surprised that you can select and book a holiday via the Simpson website. I book almost all my travel online, but that’s probably the last thing I’d do with Simpson – I’d want to call and chat about the accommodation, how many steps to the Sea and, of course, are their mosquitoes or wasps?

The Simpson destinations include; France, Spain, Italy and Turkey. What I found exciting was that despite visiting all these countries, Simpson seem to have found places that wouldn’t be immediately obvious, nor found by a Google/Trip Advisor search. And I suppose that is their unique selling point; truly local knowledge and bespoke service.

I really enjoy the television series ‘The Trip’ starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. They visit unusual places and dine in some fantastic restaurants – plus it’s very funny. I would imagine that Simpson Travel would be able to organise something exactly like that – they should contact Michael Winterbottom and offer their services for the next ‘Trip’.

Before I post a series of my favourite holiday photos, I should also mention some minor things that I’d change about Simpson Travel – no doubt further reducing my chances of becoming a Travel Ambassador:

  • I struggle with the name Simpson Travel – I want to write Simpson’s Travel, or, because they are a family concern, Simpsons’ Travel.
  • Their ‘On Travel’ magazine is A4 Portrait size and that makes it awkward to read on a screen.

Now to the holiday photos (all taken using my iPhone). You can guess the location for each picture – answers at the end:


I’m also posting some oil on canvas paintings by my partner, Martina Krupičková, as we travel together: