22nd April update: It looks like some items have allocated to an online-only auction, with bids accepted until April 29th 2018. The page is here: https://www.cagp.com/events/heathrow-airport-terminal-1-memorabilia-auction/ but if this is anything like yesterday’s live auction, I wouldn’t expect any bargains.

Heathrow Terminal 1 was in operation between 1968 and 2015. When it was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in April 1969 it was the largest new airport terminal in western Europe. In May 2017 the entire contents of the terminal was put up for auction and that auction is currently in progress today April 21st.

I’m watching the auction and I thought it might be a chance to pick up some airport memorabilia at a good price – well it doesn’t look like that is going to happen as bidders are going crazy.

For example, Lot 50 -Welcome to Terminal 1 illuminated sign, wall Or pole mounting. curved metal construction, hinged door. H 700 mm W 1250mm D 150mm

Just sold for £1050 plus 16% Buyer’s Premium plus 20% VAT

I’ll update this post with other interesting items as the auction progresses. If you want to bid or view the catalogue then visit the this page: https://uk.cagp.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/91

Lot 60 Zone A Ceiling Sign £1150 plus 16% Buyer’s Premium plus 20% VAT

Lot 79 No entry £1000

Lot 87 Exit £375

Lot 92 Flight Connections £1000

Lot 114 Exit £600

Lot 136 Emergency Exit £1050

Lot 142 Departures and Arrivals Sign £3400 – complete madness and I’ve stopped watching!