Camacha is a small village a few kilometres east of Funchal. Most visitors take the bus or drive from Funchal to follow one of the several lavada paths. Camacha is also known as ‘the village of basket makers’ as it represents the centre of Madeira’s willow craft industry.

We parked in the centre of the village, were then hassled by an aggressive beggar, who was then sent on his way. The only restaurant was Café Relogio – a large building with a large basket shop, downstairs café (beer and toasted sandwiches) and upstairs restaurant.

The restaurant has seen better days; some windows cracked, a few flies buzzing about, paint aging, toilets with no hand towels, dryers not working and one elderly waiter. Perhaps we should have left before thinking about ordering food!

The views were good.

I’d had a large breakfast and ordered just the hamburger (4.50 EUR), my companion ordered the grilled prawns (18.50 EUR), which seemed a brave decision. We also ordered the traditional garlic bread (1.5 EUR).

The first thing to arrive was the hamburger – I had to dissect it to find the coin-sized, flat patty within.

It was the sort of burger that you are tempted to skip for fear of food poisoning – but I did eat it.

The prawns and bread arrived – the prawns came with a large side of vegetables and salad.

The prawns were, I’m told, surprisingly good. I didn’t have any so we would know which dish had caused stomach issues later on. We were both fine.

The bread was inedible.

I’d avoid this place unless you find yourselves really hungry and stuck in Camacha.

Café Relógio
Largo Conselheiro Aires de Ornelas  12
9135-053 Camacha,
Madeira – Portugal

00 351  291 922 777
00 351  291 922 114