São Vicente is a small sleepy village along the north-west coast of the island of Madeira.

There are some interesting cliff formations and a few restaurants – the largest by far is Quebra Mar. It’s also the only place with parking.

When we arrived, the downstairs area was full of people who were part of a coach tour. Upstairs was a more expensive revolving restaurant. Both have a view to the Sea, although the revolving restaurant should allow for you to experience various views throughout your meal.

We arrived to the revolving restaurant and could see that the floor was rotating, very slowly, anti-clockwise. Only three tables were occupied. We asked for a table by the left window – the idea being that we would have a continuous view. Strangely, the waiter insisted that we sit on the right. We tried to explain that the result would soon be a view to the stairs and kitchen, but he couldn’t understand, despite our elaborate miming. We decided to leave and try downstairs.

Downstairs was now empty and so we took a table by the window.

We ordered the Madeirian classics; garlic bread and scabbard fish with banana. It was just about okay, but nowhere near as good as the Raiz Quadrada Café in Funchal. Total, including a bottle of water was 21.40 EUR – so not expensive and certainly less than the place upstairs.

I’m amazed that so much money was invested in this place. There’s really no need for a revolving restaurant, especially when the waiter doesn’t realise where diners should be seated.

I wouldn’t make a special trip here, but if you do find yourself in São Vicente, eat downstairs and don’t expect too much.

Restaurant Quebra Mar

TEL: (+351) 291 842 338

MON: 9H – 18H
TUE – SUN: 9H – 22H