El Gallinero was kindly recommended to us by the staff at ConTenedor Restaurant when we found the place fully booked on a Wednesday evening. I doubt we would have ever found it otherwise as the place is hidden down a passageway off an unattractive street and only has a small sign.

It’s also difficult to see the main restaurant from the outside as they have a large covered terrace.

We sat on the terrace on our first visit. The waitress was really friendly and was happy to try and explain the menu in English.

A large bottle of water was EUR 2.80 and good wine was EUR 5.00 per glass. We both had an excellent fish dish for EUR 18.50 each.

Followed by a chocolate ganache EUR 7.00.

On our second visit we sat in the main restaurant.

The Duck and Squid combination was odd but good EUR 18.00.

The was a pudding called Cheesecake Surprise EUR 7.00 that I guessed would be a deconstructed cheesecake. But it was still a surprise to find what looked like strawberries on the plate, only to find they contained a cheesecake topping.

It was absolutely delicious.

I’d recommend a visit when you’re in Seville.

El Gallinero de Sandra Restaurant
Pasaje Esperanza Elena Caro, nº 2. 41002, Sevilla.

954 90 99 31