July 2019 update: I’m glad Jadoo closed as they were ripping off customers. The place is now http://www.thaiocean.co.uk/ although I’ve heard that it is the same owners – so be on the lookout for hidden items, such as prawn crackers, with high prices.

I heard that Jadoo had been taken over by the same family that run the nearby Spices Indian Restaurant (that I like but haven’t reviewed). The previous owners weren’t very good at running the restaurant.

Jadoo has an elegant look and feel. The waiter was friendly and we asked for papadoms and dips – as I imagine does every person who visits an Indian restaurant in the UK.

A large Cobra beer was £4.50.

We ordered some classic Indian dishes:
Chicken Korma £9.40
Lamb Rogan £10.40
Chicken Tikka Masala £10.90

The sides were quite expensive for the area:
Keema Rice £3.95
Pilau Rice £3.30
Keema Naan £3.65

We were planning to share the dishes and expected the curries to be in the centre of the table and we each have a plate. As it was, each dish was plated and given to the person who chose it and that made sharing difficult. The curries were also oddly-presented, with large pieces of meat in the centre of sauce.

Lamb Rogan
Chicken Korma
Chicken Tikka Masala

The food wasn’t bad, but we would have preferred classic curries, served the traditional way. This particularly true for the lamb, which benefits from being marinated and cooked in the sauce to tenderise it.

We asked for the bill and although it seemed a bit high, paid without paying much attention. I asked to keep the receipt (only to help me with this review) and the waiter advised that he’d need to print a copy as that receipt was for their records. A receipt never arrived and so on leaving I requested one – there’s something suspicious about a restaurant that doesn’t want to provide a receipt.

Looking at the receipt later, I may have discovered one reason why the restaurant didn’t want me to keep it. We were charged £3.40 for four papadoms and £3.40 for the dips! That’s outrageously expensive and is obviously a disguised cover charge. I wish I hadn’t left a tip now.

I won’t be returning to Jadoo, over-modernised food I could live with but the rip off papadoms/dips finished the place for me. I’m also going to check the nearby Spices restaurant to see if they operate the same scam.

Jadoo Indian Restaurant
9 Milton Street
Saltburn-by-the-Sea TS12 1DH

+44 1287 626262

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