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Inveraray Castle is on the shore of Loch Fyne, Scotland’s longest sea loch. It has been the seat of the Dukes of Argyll, chiefs of Clan Campbell, since the 18th century. I believe the family still occupy the upper floor of the castle.

My partner, Martina Krupičková, was chosen to appear in this year’s screening of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year Season 4 Episode 6 first screened 8pm 20th November 2018. The eight artists were presented with Inveraray Castle as the subject. My review of the day here. We stayed at the nearby Loch Fyne Hotel

While Martina was busy painting, I decided to visit the castle.
The ticket booth is at the entrance to a car park. There were several cars waiting to purchase tickets, but priority was given to those on foot, which included me and a coachload of Chinese tourists. The ticketing was odd in that people were offered; free entry (visit the tea room only), gardens or castle. This led to further delays while the drivers fumed at being ignored.

As I was on foot and part of the Sky filming, I’d already discovered the gardens without requiring a ticket – there was nobody monitoring the garden entrance. The castle admission was £10 – quite a high price really.

All the garden paths are covered in large-stone gravel. This makes them uncomfortable and noisy to walk on. There are ‘keep off the grass’ signs.

The weather had been hot for several days and so there weren’t any midges around to bother us.

The castle is impressive, but not amazing.

Inside the place is a tribute to everything Scots and Scottish History. It’s interesting but likely more so for Scots than for someone originally from the South of England.

The extended grounds were the most picturesque.

The tea room was quite nice and there was enough food to have a light lunch there – they also had beer and wine.

I wouldn’t make a special trip, but if you are passing then it’s worth a visit to at least the grounds.

Inveraray Castle
Inveraray PA32 8XE

+44(0)1499 302203