Our visit to Das  Meisterstück in Berlin was part of our German Road trip (that page has links to all the hotels, restaurants and places visited).

Das Meisterstück specialises in beer and sausages. They have several restaurants in Berlin – we visited the Berlin Mitte location, just a few minutes walk from the Hilton Hotel Berlin.

It was a Tuesday night in August and the indoor part of the restaurant was almost empty – most people were in the courtyard garden. The plague of wasps that we’d found in Berlin made us decide against the garden – but the inside was fine.

A 0.4l beer was €3.70. Both our waiter and waitress was really friendly and helpful, despite our limited German. Our waiter had such good English that I accused him of being English and pretending to be German. We asked for traditional sausage dishes.

Blutwurst with Sauerkraut €11. This was pretty good.

Curry wurst €7.50. Well the 1970s called and asked for their food back! The sausage was good, but the ‘curry’ was just ketchup with curry powder sprinkled on top – although the powder was sprinkled in the shape of Das Meisterstück logo.

We then decided to try Thüringer – looked similar to black pudding €9.50. It tasted like black pudding but was much softer.

The bathroom was interesting – with a large picture of a woman wearing sausage, bacon and egg.

If you’re looking for friendly place near Berlin Mitte and want to try some German sausages, then I’d recommend Das Meisterstück.

Das Meisterstück Restaurant
Hausvogteiplatz 3-4
10117 Berlin​

Tel. +49 30 55 872 562

Open every day from noon to midnight