The Barceló Bávaro Palace Deluxe Hotel is all-inclusive and ‘Premium’. ‘Premium’ hotels also have a ‘Club Premium’ that provides a separate guest lounge, high-end drinks, free use of the al la carte restaurants and some other benefits.

We enjoyed our recent stay at the hotel, except for a poor arrival experience which was really down to the poorly-managed Club Premium centre. I wanted to contact Javier Cordero Gilsanz, the Hotel Director, while we were in residence but was unable to, despite actively asking the Club Premium staff to forward my email to him.

I further attempted to contact Mr. Gilsanz: I sent a message to his Trip Advisor account Javier C @Director_BBPD, as he often replies to Trip Advisor reviews and a message to his Facebook account – he looks like quite a nice friendly guy:

It may be that Mr. Gilsanz, received by email and/or message, but didn’t want to bother speaking with me. Or it could be more sinister. Perhaps Mr. Glisanz doesn’t exist and is instead a pseudonym used by the hotel to reply to reviews on Trip Advisor. Worse still, he may exist, but is imprisoned in a room under the Club Premium lounge and forced to reply to reviews and sign pay checks.

There is a weekly ‘meet the Director’ drinks party, but that was held on a Thursday, a few hours after we arrived and a few hours before we left. I can only guess if he actually shows up at these events – if he does, he may be escorted by minders who ensure that he doesn’t pass any ‘help I’m being held captive’ messages to guests.

So please Mr. Javier Cordero Gilsanz – let me know that you are alive and well. We’ll need some code to ensure that you aren’t replying under duress – for example, when you pose with the most recently published newspaper, tear off a small piece of the corner if you need to be rescued!