Aerolíneas Argentinas has an unusual status match offer (closes 21st December 2018)- you can match using your hotel status. Most airline status matches require elite status with another airline and usually the airline has to belong to another alliance. Aerolíneas Argentinas will also match your airline status but only from an airline that isn’t part of the SkyTeam alliance.

Aerolíneas Argentinas is part of SkyTeam:

And a status match to one SkyTeam member means benefits with all members:

What you need to do before the 21st December 23:59 (Argentina time):

  • Open a Aerolíneas Argentinas account here:
  • Copy your Aerolíneas Argentinas account number from the screen and paste it into an email addressed to with the subject: Desafío Status Match.
  • Add your name and email address – preferably the same email you used to set up your Aerolíneas Argentinas account.
  • Add a screenshot of the highest status you have – it should show your name and some expiry date. The offer says:
    The airlines and hotel chains participating in the challenge are: Latampass de Latam, Smiles de Gol, LifeMiles de Avianca, Iberia Plus of Iberia, MileagePlus of United, Aadvatange of American Airlines, Executive Club of British Airways, Hilton Honors de Hilton. This list is not exhaustive and any other airline or hotel chain sent by the applicant will be subject to approval by Aerolíneas Plus.
    So if you don’t have status with those listed, just go for another airline or hotel chain and see what happens.
  • Send the email!

Good luck and hope that you receive SkyTeam Elite Status for Christmas!