It’s been almost a year since QQ Asian Kitchen opened – I can’t believe we left it so long before our visit.

QQ is on a quiet street equidistant between three trams stops: Vytoň, Palackého náměstí and Botanická zahrada.

We made our reservation for 7.15 on a Saturday evening and were told that only seats in the back room were available. We had no idea if this was bad or not – as it was it was okay but I would choose the front next time.

The front room was full and lively.

We walked past the bar and food service station.

Into the back room.

A carafe of water was placed on our table plus a menu with a separate side page where items could be checked off.

We were hoping to try their dim sum (QQ use the US name ‘potstickers’) and gyoza but couldn’t find them on the menu. The waitress was really friendly and said she could ask the chef to make them.

The wine was a little expensive – 0.15l glass of Chianti Classico for 125 Kč.

The beef dim sum (2 x 110 Kč) and tofu gyoza (2 x 95 Kč) were delicious, although I prefer dim sum with more height.

We decided to share lamb curry (380 Kč). The lamb was absolutely tender and just fell from the bone. One portion was more than enough after the dumpling feast.

The restaurant was full and a little echoey. Some more soft furnishings need to be added to soften the echo.

It was great to see that neither the first, nor the second, carafe of water didn’t appear on our bill. There are plenty of places in Prague that charge for tap water.

We really enjoyed our dinner and were really happy to find another place in Prague that has dim sum and gyoza – our usual place is SIA.

As we left, we glanced through the window, jealous of those still enjoying their food.

But we’ll be back!

QQ Asian Kitchen
Ladova 2044/3,
128 00 Nové Město,
Czech Republic

Sunday and Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Friday: 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 18:00 – 22:00

+420 223 007 145

They only have a Facebook page as their website (which I think is a mistake):