The Corinthia Prague is a luxury hotel that sits on a hill overlooking Prague. There are views all the way to Prague Castle and it’s just two metro stops from the centre. The metro stop Vyšehrad is just a few steps from the hotel entrance.

Here’s a painting of the hotel and surroundings courtesy of Czech artist Martina Krupičková.

Last Thursday 7th March, they held a party in the ballroom of the 24th Floor. There was live music, a buffet, canapés offered by roaming waiters and plenty of drinks.


The only downside was the lack of seating.

There was a large side room with a fantastic dessert selection.

A magician entertained guests around one of the tall round tables.

An amorous couple seemed to really enjoy the party atmosphere.

Back in the main room, the band were in full swing.

It’s been years since I last stayed at the hotel, so I can’t review the rooms. There is a also a spa with swimming pool on the 25th floor which is 500CZK for a non-hotel guest. I’d like to see an affordable season ticket option for locals.

We used to visit a four-lane bowling alley on the ground floor, but that hasn’t been open for more than ten years – although when I spoke to Tomáš, the Marketing Manager on Thursday he said that he would let me know the plan for that space. I personally think the hotel is crazy not to open the bowling alley on a daily basis, although we’ve become so used to Bowling v továrně (a short walk from the hotel) that I wonder if we’d return.

There were gift bags for party guests. Ours contained two items:

A box of delicious sweets.

And a strange invention – a USB-powered humidifier called Humby.

I’m not sure that this idea will catch on but maybe someone would love it – let me know and you can have mine.

So thanks for the party Corinthia and please feel free to invite me to your next one!

Corinthia Hotel
PRAGUE 4, 140 69

TEL: +420 261 191 111