Megacon Orlando managed to secure several of the cast of Back to the Future, including Michael J Fox. As well as the usual photo and autograph packages, they arranged a theatre event – an evening with the cast of Back to the Future.

Ticket prices were as follows:

  • Gold priority seating $159.00
  • Silver second priority seating $59.00
  • General admission $20.00

Plus you had to purchase an entrance to MegaCon for $20. Parking was $15.

There was also a ‘backstage pass’ for $1,099.00 which included:

  • Professional Photo Op with the entire Back to the Future cast including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, James Tolkan & Tom Wilson
  • One guaranteed in-person autograph from Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, James Tolkan & Tom Wilson, on an item of your choice
  • Gold Ticket to An Evening with the Cast of Back to the Future
  • Exclusive Collectible Badge

I’ve written before about how I wouldn’t consider paying for an autograph nor a photo. And it’s not about the cost, it’s more the principle – although saying that if I could pay $10 for a photo with the cast I would!

We had Gold tickets and arrived at the theatre around 5.30pm – the first several rows were already full. There were plenty of people holding seats for friends with Silver and General Admission tickets, which was a bit of a cheek. My future tip would be to buy one high price ticket and General Admission for the rest of your party. By 7pm the theatre was full.

The cast arrived.


There were plenty of anecdotes from the cast. James Tolkan was wacky. Leah Thompson was charming. Christopher Lloyd seemed to be playing his Jim Ignatowski character from Taxi. Tom Wilson was very funny and luckily didn’t sing his ‘stop asking me the questions’ song, which I always felt was a bit insulting to those who paid $60 for an autograph. Michael J Fox was inspirational and I recorded a couple of those moments.

Here Michael talks about filming both Family Ties and Back to the Future at the same time.


Here Michael talks with emotion and passion about his life as an actor.


Michael said “People ask why I come to these things. It’s not so you can remember me, it’s so I can remember you”.

This event was part of our May/June 2019 USA Trip – click here for all the USA trip reviews.

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