Celebration was created in the early 1990s by the Disney corporation. Disney CEO Michael Eisner took an especially keen interest in the development of the new town in the early days, encouraging the executives at Disney Development Company to ‘make history’ and develop a town worthy of the Disney brand. Disney collaborated extensively with leaders in education, health, and technology in addition to planners and architects to create the vision and operating policies for the town.

Disney then sold most of the town but retaining some office buildings. They continue to provide telecom and energy utility services.

It is a truly beautiful town and looks like a perfect place to live. It isn’t a gated community and so we were able to visit. The town centre has some interesting shops and great restaurants – we had two great dinners in the Celebration Town Tavern.

Below some pictures from the town centre – if you find yourself nearby, probably because you’re visiting the Disney theme parks, make some time to visit Celebration.