The Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Fan Fest was held at Sony Picture Studios, Los Angeles. I previously wrote about the Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary movie screening here.

The events for Saturday 10th June event were held at Sony Pictures Studio Lot
10202 West Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA.

Parking was $8.00 and check in for the Fan Fest was in the parking garage. The first view we saw as we left the garage was a giant Stay Puft and a row of ECTO-1 replicas.

But past that area was a formal entrance to the event.

It was great to see the original Ecto 1 again.


The Spirit Halloween Terror Dog was on display.

As was the prototype Eagle Moss build an Ecto 1 subscription model.

Playmobil and Footlocker had stalls – both had long lines and it looked like they’d sold out of everything by the end of the day. There were other vendors, including a tarot card reader(!), but none had anything that really interested me. I think any vendor of Ghostbuster memorabilia would have done really well at the event and I’m surprised there weren’t more sellers there.

The supremely awful Flux Capacitors band were playing – they seem to be called in to any 80s related event and I can only guess that they don’t charge much!

There were stalls for various Ghostbuster clubs.

This one had a containment unit.

The first really big event of the day was the Director’s Panel, held on the main stage and so open to all attendees – although those with Class 10 packages were allocated the front nine rows. And although I totally agree with that policy, this caused some confusion as many had secured seats early, only to be told that they had to move.

The Director’s Panel was amazing.

Jason Reitman talked about the 2020 movie.


Paul Feig talked about the 2016 movie.


Jason Reitman was coaxed into revealing what actors from the original movie had been approached for the new 2020 movie.


We didn’t leave our seats as next up was the excellent ‘Reflections on the 1984 Ghostbusters Movie’ featuring Ivan Reitman, William Atherton, Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd.

Ivan and Jason Reitman stayed on stage to reveal some recently discovered 1984 movie footage.


We again stayed in our seats as we knew it wouldn’t be long until Ray Parker Jr. would be playing.

And then Ray Parker Jr. sung the song everyone wanted to hear.


It truly was an amazing day out and I’m glad we made the trip out to the West Coast to attend. This event was part of our May/June 2019 USA Trip – click here for all the USA trip reviews.

If you’d like to read more about the various ECTO 1 replicas at the event, I have a separate page for that here.