There’s a Sopranos Fan Fest coming to New Jersey this November. Never heard of The Sopranos? Fuggedaboutit!

The event looks good so far, with plenty of cast members attending – although they’re mostly made guys…

…and I’m missing the gals. Let’s hope the organisers can persuade these to attend:

  • Lorraine Bracco, who plays Dr. Jennifer Melfi.
  • Edie Falco, who plays Carmela Soprano.
  • and last but not least, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who played Meadow Soprano.

The event is set over two days in November, just before Thanksgiving. This is what the website says:

In a nutshell, this is Sopranos meets Comic-Con. But SopranosCon is going to be much more than just vendors, pictures and autographs.

Our event is an interactive, street festival themed fan experience, visually inspired by The Feast of St Elzéar, celebrating the series by showcasing Italian culture in New Jersey with food, drink, art, music, comedy, and some show-related businesses. There will be fan art galleries, exhibits, screenings, Q&A’s, trivia and costume contests, interactive games, and much more.

That sounds good to me as I’d want a more immersive experience – I’m personally not that interested in collecting autographs.

There’s also an after party at the Bada Bing. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

There’s a pretty good impersonation of Tony Soprano by someone called Nick Petito (video contains strong language) – well he doesn’t look like Tony, but close your eyes and…

If you didn’t watch the video, it contains a promo code ‘NICKYPETITO that gives you a 10% discount on tickets.

All I need to do now is figure out how to explain why I need to fly to New York, rent a Chevy Suburban and visit a strip club!

The contact form on the website doesn’t seem to work, but you can email them on

There is also a Facebook page:

And a Twitter feed:

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