Here’s the latest news on the Sopranos Fan Fest. Never heard of The Sopranos? Fuggedaboutit!

Michael Mota, one of the three main organisers of SopranosCon, hosted a live Facebook chat on September 29th. If you don’t have Facebook or don’t have time to  watch the entire 55 minutes video, here are my ‘CliffsNotes’.
Note that I’m not not affiliated with SopranosCon and I may have made some mistakes taking notes during the Facebook chat.

  1. All tickets will be sent via email – you won’t receive anything through regular post. On arrival, you can show your email ticket and receive something like a wristband or lanyard.
  2. If you purchased a ticket package (The Stugots I or II) that includes a night at the Embassy Suites hotel, the hotel will have your details within a few weeks and the booking will be for the Saturday 23rd night. You can contact the hotel and change that to the Friday if you want to stay Friday instead.
  3. Registration starts Saturday 23rd at 8am.
  4. Anyone holding a VIP ticket (Capo, Consigliere, Boss, Stugots) can enter from 9am.
  5. All ticket holders can enter from 10am.
  6. All ticket holders can attend panel discussions, but only VIPs can attend the Q&A sessions.
  7. VIP ticket holders have access to a special lounge with drinks and snacks.
  8. An autograph from each cast member are free for VIP ticket holders.
  9. There will be photographers available, but Michael recommends you take your own camera/phone. Not sure what the cost is for a ‘selfie’ – could be $25 and maybe free for VIPs.
  10. There may be a cannoli and zeppole eating contest.
  11. A special cigar blend is being produced especially for SopranosCon – biggest size will be ‘The Boss’.
  12. There will likely be an ‘executive game’ – if you don’t know what this is then you’re probably the guy who has to sweep up the cheese puffs from under Silvio’s feet.
  13. The daytime activities end at 5pm and the convention closes to prepare for the VIP Red Carpet event.
  14. Saturday 23rd 6pm, Boss and Stugots ticket holders can walk the red carpet and access, drinks, food and at 7pm meet and greet events. There isn’t a dress code, but many people will be wearing suits or even tuxedos – so you may feel out of place in old jeans and a t-shirt.
  15. At some point later on Saturday 23rd, those with tickets to Satin Dolls/Bada Bing will be transported to Satin Dolls for an after party. The only tickets that include this trip are The Stugots I or II, but anyone can purchase the experience separately.
  16. At some point after the Satin Dolls/Bada Bing party, those with tickets to Scores Gentlemen’s Club in New York will be transported to Scores for an after-after party. The only tickets that include this trip are The Stugots I or II, but anyone can purchase the experience separately.
  17. I’m not sure what time the Scores party finishes, but Michael estimated that the journey back to the Embassy Suites would take just 15 minutes.
  18. Sunday 24th 9am – 10am entrance for VIP ticket holders (Capo, Consigliere, Boss, Stugots).
  19. All cast members are booked for both days.

Big News Revealed

There were some, what I think are, big pieces of news revealed:

  • There will be a replica of the Bada Bing within SopranosCon – 21+ entry.
  • On Friday 22nd, there will be a race at the Meadowlands Horse Track and an appearance by Pie-O-My – I’m assuming the horse is too old to actually race now but who knows?
  • April 18th and 19th there will be a Mob Movie Convention at Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City.

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