Here are more news updates from the Sopranos Fan Fest. Never heard of The Sopranos? Fuggedaboutit!

  1. Volunteers: SopranosCon is looking for volunteers to assist the show organisers. I’m assuming ticket validation, autograph line management, but could be that you get sent to the bakery to pick up some Cannoli for the guys!  If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer there is a form on the website: but I can never get the website forms to work – if that’s the same for you email them on but check out the form on the site and try and provide the details they ask for in your email.
  2. Alabama 3 are confirmed and will play a short set, including ‘Woke Up This Morning’ – I’ve never heard any of their other songs. I remember at the Ghostbusters Fan Fest in LA, Ray Parker Jr. performed a super-extended version of the Ghostbusters Theme.
  3. Number of VIP ticket holders on each day is estimated to be 1000. It’s a big event.
  4. New Ticket Tiers: Some new ticket tiers have been added; Acting Capo and Acting Boss. These are $50 less than the now sold out Capo and Boss tickets and don’t include autographs and photographs – although you could still choose to pay for an photo/autograph.
  5. Cast members will have photos ready to sign, although you can bring your own photo, maybe to collect all signatures on one page.
  6. A new super-VIP ticket is set to launch on the Sopranoscon website. I can’t imagine what else they can add as the Stugots ticket pretty much covers everything.
  7. Embassy Suites is now sold out, those who purchase Stugots tickets from now on will  be provided accommodation in the Hyatt (apparently next door).
  8. The SopranosCon cigars will be sold in various sizes; Boss, Captain and Soldier.

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The contact form on the website doesn’t seem to work for me, but you can email them on

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