The Club of the Architects (Klub na Arhitecta) restaurant is an interesting place and just a short walk from the spectacular St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Sadly the food isn’t very good.


We didn’t book and arrived about 7.30pm on a Thursday night in October. The place was busy, including the garden, and we almost didn’t get a table.

The waiter was friendly and spoke English. We ordered a half litre carafe of red wine BGN 14.50 and a 0.75l bottle of water BGN 3.50. The wine was pretty good.

From the menu we chose a Sea Bass (BGN 19.50) plus grilled vegetables (BGN 6.50) and a meat dish with potatoes (BGN 16.90). Both meals weren’t very hot when they arrived. The sea bass was quite small and a little dry.


I wandered around and took a few pictures.

Our total bill BGN 61 plus tip (US$ 35, EUR 31) – Sofia isn’t an expensive city.

The place definitely has an interesting look and a good atmosphere. It’s just a pity about the food. I’m glad we visited, but we found two much better places after this and so I doubt whether we’d return.

Klub na Arhitecta
ul.Krakra 11, Sofia 1504 Bulgaria

+359 88 888 0979