Michael Mota ran a live Facebook chat, mainly focussed on how autographs/selfies work at SopranosCon. I watched the chat, made some notes and wrote them here. Never heard of The Sopranos? Fuggedaboutit!

I should first explain what is a ‘box of Ziti’. Ziti is another name for penne pasta – the round hollow tubes. But in Sopranos language, a ‘box of Ziti’ is code for US$1000. So if I owed Tony, 45 boxes of Ziti, I’d be looking to either, pay $45,000 quickly, or, change my name and move to Lilyhammer!

Here are my notes about how autographs and selfies work:

  1. On the SopranosCon website tickets section, there are now options to purchase 20 or 40 boxes of Ziti. This is just part of the Sopranos theme used for all tickets and 20 boxes of Ziti is only $20 not $20,000. For that you can obtain one ‘Tier Two’ cast member autograph or selfie – I don’t think you can have both, but not sure about that. You hand the ’20 boxes of Ziti’ coupon to the cast member’s handler and then engage with the cast member. Same thing for the $40 ticket only that gets you a ‘Tier One’ cast member.
  2. 20 boxes of Ziti isn’t 20 autographs, just one – just in case you were crazy enough to think that you could purchase autographs for $1 a pop.
  3. There isn’t a list of Tier one vs. Tier Two, but the Tier One’s are cast members who were a big part of the show, like Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior).
  4. You can use two $20 boxes of Ziti for a Tier One cast member.
  5. The boxes of Ziti coupons aren’t named – so you aren’t guaranteed an autograph from a particular cast member.
  6. Cast members will each have a pile of photos that they sign – but you can bring your own photo or item, within reason.
  7. The coupon is for a signature only, not a letter from the cast member to your Mother!
  8. VIP ticket holders who have tickets marked ‘Pictures and autographs included for all cast attendees at VIP Meet & Greets, subject to availability’ don’t require any boxes of Ziti during the VIP evening – everything is free. However, with up to 1000 VIPs and 50 cast members, you need to set your expectations. There are other events in the three-hour VIP evening, like a performance by the Alabama 3, plus Dominic Chianese and a Q&A – there’s no way everyone is going to get all the cast member signatures.
  9. Some VIP tickets, mostly with an ‘Acting’ prefix, don’t include autographs during the VIP evening. I’m not sure how Sopranoscon will differentiate between a Boss and an Acting Boss during the evening.
  10. As it will be difficult to obtain all the signatures during the VIP evening, those with tickets that include autographs will also be given several complimentary boxes of Ziti to use during the day.
  11. The number of complimentary boxes of Ziti hasn’t been set, but will be on a sliding scale, so ‘The Stugots’ ticket holders will have more than a ‘Capo’ ticket holder.
  12. All VIPs get front of line, cast member access during the day, to use both complimentary and purchased boxes of Ziti.
  13. You can also purchase boxes of Ziti on the day (assuming any left) – you need to go to a kiosk with cash or credit card. No payments will be taken by cast members and their handlers.
  14. There will be a professional photographer during the VIP evening. All VIPs will be sent a link after the event where they can download photos for free. I think these will be general photos from the event and not you with Uncle Junior!

I hope I understood everything correctly, but I’m not part of Sopranoscon so don’t blame me (or them) if I got this wrong! If you have Facebook and want to check out the video for yourself, then https://www.facebook.com/michael.mota.146/videos/10215684397958537/

What I’m not clear about, is what happens if you purchased a Sunday ticket that includes autographs at the ‘meet and greet’ – isn’t that the Saturday evening or is there another ‘meet and greet’ during the daytime? I’ll update this if I find out.

Personally, I don’t care about autographs nor selfies. Of course I wouldn’t say no to a picture with me and a cast member, but I wouldn’t bother waiting in line for that and I also wouldn’t pay for it! I just like being part of the experience. But if I were looking to use boxes of Ziti, I think I’d do better on the Sunday. That’s because all the VIPs will be there on Saturday, because of the VIP party and after party. And VIPs will have their complimentary Ziti and front of line access.

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