Last Man Standing is a fantastic comedy show starring Tim Allen as Mike Baxter. It’s possible to see the show recorded live in Los Angeles and you can also visit the house and store used in the show.

Probably the best location is the set and watch a recording of the show live. Tickets are free and available from

You’ll receive an email that describes where to park and provides some rules. Here’s one line from the email:
AUDIENCE  PARKING/CHECK  IN:    CBS  is  just  north  of  Ventura  Blvd.  on  Radford.  Free  parking  is  offered  in  the  multi-story  parking  structure  (GATE  A)  north  of  the  main  gate.    There  is  no  street  parking  available  in  the  area.    All  guests  must  park  and  check  in  through  the  parking  structure.  You  will  be  directed  where  to  park  by  Security.  After  parking,  take  the  elevator  or  stairs  to  ground  level  and  check  in  with  the  pages.    Photo  IDs  may  be  required  at  check  in  and  all  guests  should  be  prepared  to  walk  through  a  metal  detector.    Cameras,  cellphones  and  electronic  recording  devices  of  any  kind  are  not  allowed.  

The location:
4024  Radford  Ave,  Studio  City,  CA

My advice is to arrive early to be sure you get in and also get better seats.

Watching the show is great fun and there is a guy who tries to keep the audience lively between takes  – as if that is required in the US! You also get a slice of free pizza halfway through. Tim Allen normally says hello, but you won’t have an opportunity for an autograph and as cameras/phones aren’t allowed – no selfies.

The show is set in Denver, Colorado, but in reality, Mike Baxter’s house and the Outdoor Man store are in/around LA.

The house is at 611 Lorraine Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90005.

Here is how it appears on the show (taken from my TV screen):

Here’s how it looks now (well June 2019):



With seven seasons of Last Man Standing, the trees and shubbery have grown and changed since it was used for a location shot. We didn’t knock on the door or walk on the lawn – but I guess the owners are used to strangers taking pictures from the sidewalk. Please don’t do anything crazy or annoy the owners.

If you don’t mind driving about an hour out of LA, you can visit the Outdoor Man store – actually a branch of Outdoor World.



The store is absolutely enormous and worth a walk around inside even though it doesn’t feature on the show.


Fans of the show will know that the show moved to Fox for Season 7 after being cancelled by ABC. Almost all the cast were re-united on the new network, except Molly Ephraim who played Mandy Baxter. Here’s the hilarious start to the first episode on Fox.