AJ Spurs has a classic American old West feel. It’s a huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ type of place and makes no apologies for that – refreshing in this age of sterile, designed not to offend environments.

That said, I wouldn’t go hunting and certainly wouldn’t consider putting stuffed animals on the walls at home.

We were staying at the nearby Hampton Inn, Arroyo Grande as part of journey down Highway 1 and as part of bigger USA Trip. AJ Spurs looked like an unusual place for dinner – it was, but the food was also delicious.

We entered the building to find a large stuffed animal in the foyer.

The whole place was themed.

The staff were friendly.

All dinners come with ‘A.J.’s Hearty Vaquero Soup, Tequila Beans, Homemade Salsa (yep, mix’em all together)‘.

It was a really good soup.

I had sauteed scallops $32 for a main course.

Great scallops – I don’t think I ever ate so many in one sitting!

The steaks were perfectly cooked as you’d expect – this one was an 8 oz Top Sirloin $26.99.

Looking at my credit card statement I can see the total for three was $127.92 and I would have tipped in cash.

Until I came to write this article, I had no idea that this was the third AJ Spurs to open. On the AJ Spurs website they write:

Not as ‘rustic’ as our other locations, Grover Beach takes you back in time to the old west with a more ‘parlour’ like atmosphere and great open views.

I can’t begin to imagine how ‘rustic’ the Templeton and Buellton look!

If you’re driving Highway 1 are hungry and want a taste of the Old West then AJ Spurs does the job.

AJ Spurs Restaurant
1760 El Camino Real, Grover Beach, CA 93433, United States