Sopranos Legend Vincent Pastore To Debut ‘Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce’ At SopranosCon.

Legendary actor and beloved  Sopranos star  — whose role as Salvatore ‘Big Pussy’ Bonpensiero endeared him to a whole generation of fans — has announced that he will debut his new venture, Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce, at the world-famous SopranosCon, which will take place on  November 23rd and 24th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ.

The debut of the sauce,  which will be sold exclusively at the convention on November 23rd,  marks the first time that Pastore will offer the bespoke, gourmet sauce for sale to the public.

“I am beyond thrilled that Vincent Pastore has decided to premiere his sauce at our convention,” said  Michael Mota, co-founder of  SopranosCon and the CEO and owner of the Skyline at Waterplace in Providence, RI. “This marks a new chapter in his life, and we know that  Sopranos fans will love the sauce as much as they love Vinny’s character.”

“I am extremely proud to be able to offer Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce to  Sopranos fans,  and to fans of good food and Sunday dinners with their friends and la famiglia,” said  Vincent Pastore, in a statement. “I am proud to say that Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce offers nothing but the best ingredients — because my fans deserve nothing but the best.”

Made from whole peeled tomatoes from Italy, Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce has no added sugar and only uses the finest ingredients. The first store to carry the sauce at the end of 2019 will be A&S Fine Foods in Merrick, Long Island, NY.  Though Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce will debut with a Marinara sauce flavor, other flavors will be available soon.

A&S owner Anthony Giordano and  his business partner, Andrew Jedlicka, originally came up with the idea for the bespoke sauce. Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce aims to celebrate Vincent’s extensive acting career and Italian-American heritage. On November 23rd , Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce will be available through, A&S Fine Foods in Merrick, Long Island, NY, and on A&S’s website at . Fans can also get social with Vinny Pastore’s Italian Sauce by liking the Facebook page and following @VinnyPastoreSauce on Instagram.

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