The Sopranos Fan Fest is this weekend November 23rd and 24th – some tickets still available from Last night was the launch party at the Meadowlands Racetrack. Never heard of The Sopranos? Fuggedaboutit!

There was a bar, buffet and racing, but the highlight for me was meeting Dominic Chianese who played Corrado (Uncle Junior) Soprano. Of course I pulled a stupid face when we had a picture taken – I really should practice posing in front of a mirror!

Other cast members were also in attendance. On the left is Jerry Adler who played Herman ‘Hesh’ Rabkin. The guy on the right, I was sure was Vincent Curatola who played John (Johnny Sack) Sacrimoni. However, when I spoke to him, he laughed when I asked if I should call him Vincent or Vince and said “Oh you think I’m Vincent Curatola – I’m Joey Catalano!”. So I already made a faux pas before the main event even started!.

I managed to win some money placed on a race – just my picking a horse by name and not understanding anything.

Looking forward to today’s events at the Meadowlands Exposition Centre. website.

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