The Sopranos Fan Fest is this weekend November 23rd and 24th. Yesterday we were there for the daytime and evening activities. Never heard of The Sopranos? Fuggedaboutit!

We took the train from Manhattan Penn Station to Secaucus Junction and then took a taxi ($20) to the Meadowlands Exposition Centre.

Most of my pictures were taken in the evening while it was quieter.

At the entrance was a large SopranosCon sign.

And then another.

There was an aisle dedicated to Italian food stalls, another couple of aisles with various vendors, then the autograph tables that you see at most fan conventions.

There were some great artworks dedicated to the late James Gandolfini.

Almost unnoticed in the far corner was an homage to Bobby Bacala’s model railway.

Near to that was a hilarious maze, dedicated to the Pine Barrens episode where Christopher and Paulie get lost in the woods and almost freeze to death. The walls of the maze contained various quotes from the episode.

Dr. Melfi’s office.

Some Sopranos vehicles.

Pie-O-My and her foal.

More wall decoration.

Vincent Pastore (Sal ‘Big Pussy’ Bonpensiero) was entertaining and funny on stage.

Then there was a comedy skit by Nick Petito. He does a great Tony Soprano impression, but I wasn’t too impressed by his other impressions – the audience seemed happy enough though.

The daytime activities finished at 5pm and there was a break until the VIP evening events at 6pm. We went to a nearby Outback restaurant for dinner.

We’d expected the evening to begin with cast members walking a red carpet, but that didn’t seem to happen. Instead, cast members were introduced one by one on the main stage and took questions from the audience. All were big personalities and gave funny replies.

I would have liked that part of the event to go on for another hour, but I could see they were already behind the official timetable.

Alabama 3 took the stage – everyone stood up, expecting a rendition of ‘Woke Up This Morning’, then sat down when they played another song – that happened a few more times until the audience got what they were waiting for.

Matt Servitto (played Agent Dwight Harris) really got into it and was having a great time dancing with Katherine Narducci (played Charmaine Bucco).

Dominic Chianese who played Corrado (Uncle Junior) Soprano took to the stage and sung some of his favourite songs – he has an amazing voice and the audience loved his performance.

There was a 10.30pm after party at the original Bada Bing! location. That was followed by an after-after party at Scores club in New York. It sounded like there would be so many people that we’d be struggling to enjoy the experience – we took a Uber back to Manhattan.

We had a good time at SopranosCon. If you missed this event, there’s another event next year from the same organisers