The Hilton Malta is an excellent hotel – so good that it is now Number One on my list of Hilton Hotels & Resorts worldwide. Well done to all the staff at the hotel – I didn’t think the Hiltons in Sydney and Osaka could be bettered.

Getting to Number One isn’t easy and so expect a long review while I show how they made it to the top of the list.

We arrived by taxi from Malta airport (20 EUR) and went to the dedicated HHonors check in. We were thanked for being Diamond members, upgraded to an Executive Room with Sea View and offered a glass of Prosecco. Just when I though the welcome couldn’t get any better, they called the manager of the Executive Lounge who wanted to extend her personal welcome.

The elevators are card controlled and our card would only take us up to the 8th (our floor) or the 9th (Executive Lounge floor). Any floors below reception (5th) are accessible to all. You can look down from 5th to a few floors below.

Our room was of a really good standard.

There was plenty of wardrobe space. There was a full wardrobe plus another with a safe, umbrella, shoe horn, slippers and bathrobes.

The bathroom was pretty good.

There was tea and coffee plus a complimentary large bottle of water that was replenished daily. The wi-fi was fast enough for me to watch a live football game on Amazon Prime.

The view from our room terrace was lovely.

We visited the Executive Lounge on the 9th floor. Our closest elevator took us to the rear entrance – it was like a secret door to paradise.

The lounge was huge, comfortable and had an outdoor terrace. Afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones, jam and cream was being served (3 – 5 pm). The staff were all really helpful and friendly.

We returned to our room, donned our bathrobes and slippers and headed to the Living Well club. The pool was large and the water just the right temperature.

There was also a wet and dry sauna.

Back in our room and we were ready for another lounge visit before dinner (alcohol and canapés served 6 to 8pm). The lounge was busy, but plenty of seats still available. The quality of the hot and cold canapés was very good – almost enough to skip dinner if you had a big, late lunch.

I tend to avoid hotel restaurants. However, there was a storm blowing and I’d only brought short-sleeved shirts and no coat for our December visit – weather was warm the next few days. So we booked the Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant within the hotel. It was an excellent restaurant as you can read from my separate review.

I’m sure the Executive Lounge breakfast would have been good, but we chose breakfast in the large Oceana Restaurant on the third Floor.

There were was an outside terrace, which was extensively used over the following days – not the first as the previous night’s storm meant it was still a little chilly. There was even a dedicated area for Diamond members and those tables also had a jug of orange juice and a special menu.

Those of you familiar with Eggs Benedict will have noticed that the ingredients are incorrect – should be a hollandaise sauce. Slightly embarrassing as the dish was invented at the Waldorf Astoria I prefer Eggs Royale and ordered that and a glass of Prosecco. As it was, my dish appeared without any sauce at all – perfectly poached eggs though.

The buffet was large, comprehensive with an egg and omelette station.

We went for a poolside stroll – I can imagine it’s busy when the weather warms up.

On the morning of our last day, I asked about a late checkout – our flight wasn’t until 7.50 pm. We were extended to 4 pm and told we were welcome to spend the time before our taxi in the Executive Lounge. I’d been considering that the Hilton Malta could have beaten Sydney and Osaka – the 4 pm checkout easily confirmed what I already knew – that it should be number one on my list of Hilton Hotels & Resorts worldwide.

Hilton Malta
Vjal Portomaso
St. Julian’s


On our first (attempted) visit to the Living Well club, the elevator panel showed it on the seventh floor. However, our room key wouldn’t take us to the seventh. We visited the desk and asked for our keys to be re-swiped, still couldn’t reach the seventh. Returned to the desk and said we still couldn’t reach the seventh floor and they asked why we would want to. I explained that we wanted to visit the pool and was informed that the club was on a lower floor. I thought I was going crazy and had to return to the desk with this photo.

I fully expected to see a makeshift sticker covering this the following day. I’d also like to see the look on the face of the person who commissioned the elevator guide plate. All I can say to them in consolation is that it didn’t stop the Hilton Malta reaching top place!