British Airways has launched probably the silliest promotion ever. If you fly from London Gatwick between 28th February and 1st March and your birthday is 29th February, you’ll be offered free lounge access.

This is what I’d call a non-vitation. I think BA fly seven million passengers a year from Gatwick. So about 19, 200 passengers per day. Assuming that there is a random dispersal of birthdays, that would mean that on any given day, 52 passengers are celebrating their birthday.

So it looks like there could be up to 52 extra passengers accessing the lounge between 28th Feb and 1st Mar – although some may already have access through travel class or status. I’m assuming this will be the Business and not the First lounge. There’s no mention if these ‘lucky’ passengers will be able to take a guest with them.

I don’t think BA need to order any more drinks or food to support this ‘generous promotion’!