The UK Government have launched a web page that encourages you to report a business behaving unfairly during the Coronavirus outbreak. This could be a corner shop charging £10 for a toilet roll or an airline refusing a refund.

Sadly there are plenty of examples of unfair trading practices during the Coronavirus outbreak.

A Facebook group was set up that mainly focuses on corner shops overcharging for toilet rolls and hand santisers. Worse still it appears that the same shop owners caused the shortage by visiting major supermarkets and bulk buying all their stock. Let’s hope everyone remembers these shops and refuses to use them for years to come.

Airlines and travel companies are making it really difficult to claim a refund – instead they are offering vouchers or future re-booking. You are legally entitled to a refund if your flight or holiday is cancelled – but you may need to spend some time on hold before you get it. Or, you could email them and write something this:

I do not want a voucher, nor a rebooking, please fully reimburse the ticket cost within 15 working days – after that I will (request a chargeback from my credit card provider / submit a claim to the small claims court).  Note that EU directive EC 261 covers flights departing from, arriving into, or transiting through the European Union. Rule EC 261 was clarified on March 18, 2020 to reiterate that travellers have the right to request reimbursement for cancelled flights instead of accepting vouchers, re-routes or alternate travel dates.

Report a UK business behaving unfairly during Coronavirus outbreak

You can report any business using this page: