This week I’m writing about all things Virgin Atlantic. Today, videos from the Virgin Atlantic Flight School, hosted by the airline’s very own aviation experts. The videos are child friendly, but suitable for anyone interested in aviation.

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Holly Branson writes:
I was three-years-old when Virgin Atlantic first launched and ever since we boarded the inaugural flight, I became fascinated by aviation. With this in mind, it was quite moving to see Etta and Artie glued to the screen as we watched each episode of Flight School as a family.

These videos are only available on Instagram and not YouTube. I couldn’t work out how to embed just the video and not the extra chunk below that.

Episode One – Bernice Moran – a Virgin Atlantic pilot

Episode Two – Otis Dublin – Cabin Service Supervisor

Episode Three – Henry Buckley – Customer Experience Designer

Episode Four – Stuart Moreton – Engineer