Those on Facebook will be familiar with the latest trend – ‘name ten albums that influenced your taste in music’. The idea is that you post ten album covers, over ten days, without explanation and also nominate someone to do the same.

The actual challenge instructions are as follows:
Day (enter day) of the 10 albums that greatly influenced my taste in music, nominated by (insert tag). 1 album per day for 10 consecutive days. No particular order, no explanations, no review and no apologies for what may be embarrassing. Just post the album cover every day. Then ask someone to do the same. Today, I’m nominating (enter nominee).

I’m pretty sure Facebook is analysing your answers to improve the data they hold about you and everyone else (social engineering). For me, that horse has probably bolted, but having been nominated on Facebook, I decided to post my albums here on BugAdvisor.

I’m trying to follow the no explanations policy, although I can tell you that, yes, that is Suzanna Vega’s signature on the front of her album cover. Each album is clickable, should you want to read more, listen, purchase – links go to Amazon.