Those on Facebook will be familiar with the latest trend – ‘name ten albums/movies/travel photos that influenced you/impacted you’. The idea is that you post ten of something, over ten days, without explanation and also nominate someone to do the same.

This week, I posted Ten Most Influential Movies and Ten Most Influential Albums. Today, I’m posting photographs.

I tried to assemble ten photos and realised that it was impossible to choose just ten from the World. I then tried just USA and there were still too many. So today I’m choosing ten photos taken in the USA East Coast – all taken on an iPhone. Each photo is clickable and links to an article on

Leu Gardens – Florida


New York City


Alexandria – from The Walking Dead


The Vessel – New York City


Back to the Future Time Machines by Bruce Coulombe


The Everglades National Park, Florida


The Town of Celebration, Florida


A chair at the abandoned hospital on Ellis Island, New York/New Jersey


Key West, Florida


Gatorland, Florida