There are two Bar and Books locations in Prague, both have a cigar lounge where you can enjoy both a drink and a cigar indoors. Bar and Books Týnská is in the centre of Prague and attracts a mix of tourists and locals.

Don’t ask me why cigar smoking is allowed – I can only guess that it is because you have to ring the doorbell in order to enter and that changes the rules.

Once inside, the place has a colonial club atmosphere.

The main bar is non smoking. You need to walk over to another doorway to the left of the bar to enter the cigar lounge, where the theme continues.

You can purchase cigars from the Bar and Books humidor – 100 Kč is added to your bill if you bring your own.

Everything is set up for cigar aficionados; cigar cutters, a candle, cedar sticks, with a glass in which to extinguish them and heavy glass cigar ashtrays.

Drinks are priced as you would expect for the location and style. Water is served in a lead crystal decanter. The service is impeccable.

The music is good, but never too loud.

High up in the corner of the cigar lounge is an old-style television set, where a selection of Bond movies play silently – yesterday evening was the Roger Moore classic ‘Moonraker’.

The lights are ornate and follow the colonial club theme.

Bar and Books is a perfect post-lockdown choice – something that wasn’t possible for the last several weeks. Even if you aren’t a cigar smoker, the main bar is an impressive place for a cocktail. Bond would enjoy a drink here.

Týnská Bar and Books
Týnská 1053/19
Prague 1

+420 224 815 122

Open Monday to Saturday 6 pm to 3 am.

Mánesova Bar and Books
Mánesova 64,
120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady

Open every day 5 pm to 3 am

420 222 724 581