Want to join a Zoom call from Doctor Who’s TARDIS or a Skype from Del Boy’s flat? Well now you can. The BBC have released 100 images that you can download and use as your background.

You could also use the images to liven up a party invitation, a greetings card or use them for a pub quiz. Here are a few of my favourites – see if you can guess the TV show and the year.

Visit this page to choose and download your image https://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/empty_sets_collection/zfvy382

The images are pretty chunky – some I downloaded were 40MB and that’s way too much for most uses. You could try just downloading the thumbnail image, or re-size using a program like Microsoft Paint that is available on most Windows computers. Instructions below, but first the answers:

The featured image is the 1982 Only Fools and Horses flat. The rest:

1975 Fawlty Towers Hotel

1984 The Young Ones’ House

1988 ‘Allo ‘Allo! Restaraunt

1979 Blake’s Seven Liberator and crew – I initially thought Blake was missing as usual, but he’s standing to the far right of the picture.

1979 Play School Windows

Resize a picture using MS Paint

Resize a picture using MS Paint as follows:

  • Type ‘Paint’ in the Cortana search field (bottom left of the screen).
  • Choose ‘Paint’ from the search results.
  • Choose [FILE] [Open] in MS Paint.
  • Browse for your Picture – Paint supports the following graphic formats; bmp, dib, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, gif, tif, tiff and ico.
  • Open your picture.
  • Choose [Home] tab [Resize] and observe that the following dialog is displayed:

  • Choose ‘Pixels’ and observe that the dialog is updated as follows:

  • In the above example, the picture is 2137 by 3033 pixels and that’s fine for a background. I found some of the BBC images were over 8000 pixels!
  • Ensure the ‘Maintain Aspect Ratio’ checkbox is checked at all times or your changes will result in a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect!
  • Enter a value into the field (Horizontal or Vertical) such as 1500 or 2000 and choose OK.
  • Observe that your picture is resized.
  • Save your picture as ‘name pixel number you entered’.