Premium Outlet Prague Airport is a huge shopping mall a few kilometres away from the airport. The place is modern, has most of the popular brands and a classic car showroom. But where are the customers?

It was a sunny Monday afternoon when we visited – so not a peak shopping time. The car park was empty.

Once inside, we spotted, at most 20 customers in the entire place – and it could be we saw the same people twice, or that these were shop workers wandering around on their break.


The stores were empty. Here is the cash desk in the Nike store.

And a view into Adidas.

It was almost the perfect shopping experience – although the stores wouldn’t agree.

There were two coffee bars open and there was an outside terrace where you sit and watch planes flying into the airport.

Our main reason for visiting was because there is a classic car showroom included within the mall – see the separate review for that. Even if you aren’t interested in the cars, it’s worth a visit to mall just to experience the weird emptiness.

Getting There

We took the metro to Bořislavka (Line A) and bus 313 to Tuchoměřice Outlet. The mall website mentions a direct shuttle bus but we didn’t see that on the outbound, nor the return journey.

Premium Outlet Prague Airport
Ke Kopanině 421,
252 67 Tuchoměřice, Praha – Západ
+420 702 222 433