Venue is a small restaurant on Havelská Street in the centre of Prague. Havelská is usually busy with tourists, so we may not have visited had it not been for the current crisis – we’re glad we did.

That was the view from my table outside Venue. Just one elderly gentleman, sitting on a bench, reading a book.

This side of the street was in the shade – apparently the Sun arrives at 3pm.

Ginger tea with honey (55 Kč).

A glass of Prosecco (75 Kč) and a fresh orange juice (95 Kč).

Scrambled eggs (Three eggs scrambled on butter and a blend of homemade fresh cheese, topped with chives and served with brown bread and cherry tomatoes (115 Kč). I really enjoyed this dish.

A delicious bowl of bulgur, buckwheat, pac choy, chicken strips, avocado puree, red cabbage and grilled peppers (195 Kč).

The place has a cool vibe and the staff were friendly.

Venue is certainly worth a visit, especially while Prague is quiet. We called ahead and reserved our outside table.

Havelská 525/4
110 00 | Praha 1

Current opening hours: 9am to 6pm every day, although they said they’d stay open later if customers were there.

+420 224 282 326
+420 602 600 040