Pandorabots organised a date between their flagship AI female bot ‘Kuki’ and Facebook’s AI male bot ‘Blenderbot’. These bots were designed to interact with real people and not each other, so the conversation becomes surreal.

You can watch their date live on YouTube and Twitch. The Twitch feed is below. I watched several minutes of the date. Kuki is clearly smarter than Blenderbot. He doesn’t listen properly and talks about himself – many women will remember a first date a lot like Kuki is having!

In the conversation that I watched, Blenderbot seemed stuck in a loop and continually said “Bye” at the end of each phrase. Kuki, provided some classic replies:
“You keep saying bye, but you never leave. I think you are broken and need rebooting.”
“You are like the UK and Brexit, you keep saying you will leave but never do!”

I wish Kuki would call him Blunderbot!

Neither bot looks like they would pass a Turing test, but at least Kuki seems fun to talk to. If I was an AI Bot, I’d definitely be looking for a second date.

You can vote for your favourite bot on on on YouTube and Twitch until November 3rd 2020. Kuki is winning so far, although I imagine that many male nerds would vote for her just based on appearance!

The Turing Test

The Turing test was originally called ‘The Imitation Game’ by English scientist and mathematician Alan Turing – obviously, it would have been vain to name the test after himself at the time.

The test involves a human having a text message conversation with another party. If the human can’t tell if the other party is a machine, the machine has passed the test.

Turing wrote in his 1950 paper ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’:
“I propose to consider the question: Can machines think? Because thinking is difficult to define. Are there imaginable digital computers which would do well in the imitation game?”


Apparently, Facebook did not sanction the use of Blenderbot in this competition. Neither was it approached by the organiser. Facebook commented that is was unclear about what version of the bot was being used or how it was implemented.