is the creation of YouTube duo, Kara and Nate, who spent the last five years travelling to over 100 countries. The Atlas site allows you to create a custom map that reflects your own travels.

I decided to put Atlas to the test, using the journey across Australia described on – I deliberately chose this journey as it isn’t just a set of point to point flights between major cities.

It took me twenty minutes to create a map, although now I know how it works, I’d be quicker next time.

I was impressed by how Atlas was able to find the obscure Australian towns. The software worked quite well, although, I would have liked to be able to edit the place names on the map, after I’d chosen them – especially where the name was quite long. My advice would be to always choose the name of the town or city rather than a specific location within them.

The smallest unframed map costs US$39 with free Worldwide shipping. I used discount code ‘KARAANDNATE’ to take 20% off that. I sent the completed map to David, the author of the Travels with my Harley site – order placed 8th December. The order took a while but did arrive before Christmas. I’ve now had a chance to see the map – it’s sort of okay, but the place names are way too big for the map. They almost run over each other.

I think Atlas was designed around flights between countries. Kara and Nate have also said how they geek out on airport codes – so use BNA instead of Nashville and KUL instead of Kuala Lumpur – and those short names would work very well. I’ll feed back and see if they plan to make an update to accommodate journeys such as the one I used in this test.

Below a video of how I created the map using Atlas. It’s twenty minutes long. I added subtitles to explain what I’m doing, but it’s still just me creating a map in real time so feel free to skip ahead.