Have you ever had a bee, or worse, a wasp, fly into your car while driving? And almost crashed the car trying to get away from the insect? Imagine if a swarm of 15,000 Bees flew in the rear window.

That’s what happened to the owner of a car parked outside Albertson’s grocery store in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. The owner left the rear window down, returned with groceries and started driving before noticing the extra 15,000 passengers. Not sure how anyone doesn’t notice a swarm of bees on the back seat!

The Las Cruces Fire Department arrived. They called upon the services of off-duty firefighter Jesse Johnson who, in his spare time, is a beekeeper. Jesse convinced the swarm to move into a portable hive and took that back to his property – the bees have a new home.

A security guard from Albertson’s grocery store was stung, but there were no other injuries.

Here’s video from a local news station:

Had Jesse Johnson not been available, the only other method I’m aware of, is to drive the vehicle to the nearest superdome stadium. Then lower the temperature until the bees become inactive. This method demonstrated (start from 1 hour 12 minutes) in the movie ‘The Savage Bees’ below: