The Dresden Gin House is part of the Hotel Suitess and offers expertly-crafted cocktails in a luxurious setting, surrounded by plush furnishings. It also happens to be a cigar bar.

As this is a gin house, I ordered a gin and tonic. The barman recommended a Juniper Jack London Dry Gin produced in Dresden and I asked for a regular Schweppes tonic – I don’t like flavoured tonics that overwhelm the taste of the gin. It was a perfect gin and tonic – I had another the following day on my second visit.

The bar is small and has a luxurious cosy feel. It reminded me of the amazing Bar & Books bar in Prague.

You may notice the plastic screens between tables. They were a local Covid requirement, but have since been removed.

The bar staff clearly love making cocktails and experimenting with flavours.

Customers are welcome to bring their own cigars or purchase from the Gin House humidor. Apparently, there is a rule in Germany, whereby cigars can only be sold at cost price – so you’d be the same as in a tobacconist.

Drinks aren’t cheap, but equally not ridiculously expensive – as the saying goes ‘if you need to ask, you probably can’t afford it!

Dresden Gin House is now my go-to bar whenever I visit Dresden.

Dresden Gin House
Rampische Str. 3, 01067 Dresden, Germany