The Illusion Art Museum is just opposite the famous astronomical clock on the Old Town Square in Prague. There are three floors of illusion art to view and interact with – we took a look.

It’s easy to miss the entrance as it’s hidden behind the terraces of restaurant tables that line the Old Town Square.

Once inside, the ticket booth is to your left and a bar/café to your right.

The bar/café looks okay, although the prices are similar to those on the restaurant terraces, but without the view. There isn’t a theme, nor display, that connects to the museum. I think this space is wasted in this location and is unlikely to generate any revenue.

There is a cosy courtyard, hidden at the back, that has more chance of appealing to visitors – it didn’t appear open.

Visitors are encouraged to walk up the stairs and then take the elevator down to exit. This seemed the wrong way round to us and so we took the elevator up and walked down – ignoring the signs that said ‘no exit this way’.

I won’t describe every exhibit. Many look better when viewed through your camera – so bring your smartphone. There was always a helpful member of staff available to take photos and they actively offered this to us – they also have the benefit of knowing exactly where to position the camera.

There are a number of sculptures (?) that initially appear as a mess until you reach the right viewing angle.

The windows behind the piano look out onto the Old Town Square. They provide a perfect viewing point to watch the astronomical clock performance on each hour.

There are stairs up to a higher floor, with just a few exhibits and another fantastic view.

Here’s another of those sculptures.

This next one is particularly creepy.

There are plenty of exhibits that trick your eyes into seeing something different. These pyramid-shapes definitely protrude from the wall.

But when viewed face on, appear as corridors.

The 12th century cellar of the building contains a slightly odd display of past times together with a room lined with erotic art. It’s seems like a missed opportunity and I’m sure there could be something more interesting down there – or left empty as the cellar itself is interesting.

We enjoyed our visit to the Illusion Art Museum. If you enjoy this type of thing, there is also a similar place called ‘Museum of Senses‘ about a ten-minute walk away.

Illusion Art Museum
Staroměstské nám. 480/24
110 00 Prague – Josefov
Czech Republic

Daily from 9AM-7PM

+420 604 35 82 40