Chilli & Lime is a cute restaurant on a hidden street in the Vinohrady area of Prague. They serve good Asian food in nice surroundings. All they need to do now is serve free tap water and the place would be perfect.

The waitress was friendly. We had a 0.3l bottle of Ice Matcha Yuzu (59 Kč), a 0.15l glass of Ropiteau Grenache-Syrah 2018 (105 Kč) and a carafe of tap water (59 Kč). Even with free refills, that tap water is expensive.

For a starter we had beef gyoza (99 Kč) – delicious.

For a main Thai duck curry (199 Kč) and rice (40 Kč) – excellent dish and a generous portion. We could have easily shared a rice, instead of ordering two bowls.

We enjoyed our dinner and will return. I see a 0.75l bottle of mineral water is 69 Kč and so I’ll order that instead of tap water next time.

Chilli & Lime Restaurant
Bořivojova 2422/15
130 00 Vinohrady, Prague
Czech Republic

+420 776 199 089