Marty ‘fell’ into Prague’s Vltava river on Sunday 12th December 2021. After several days of no contact, we received regular pings, all from the same location – Marty is trapped in the Troja area of Prague.

Early each weekday morning, someone, with an iPhone, walks from this building along the island to its narrowest part.

And pings Marty in this position.

We receive another notification each weekday evening. When we zoom in, there is something close to the island.

This is the view from the other side of the river.

Time to check out the satellite imagery.

It’s clear that Marty is stuck between the island and an outlying man-made object.

The last contact we had was on Wednesday 22nd December – looks like the iPhone owner is away for the Christmas holidays.

What we need is access to this island, recover Marty and send him on his journey to Germany and beyond.

It appears that the island is controlled by the Povodí Vltavy státní podnik (Vltava River Basin State Company)

We found the contact of a PR guy who represents the company and sent him an email. Let’s hope he replies when he returns from the Christmas break. In the meantime, please think of Marty trapped in Troja – even worse, we forgot to include his guitar.

Our Email to Povodí Vltavy státní podnik

Dear Mr. Roldáne

I’m hoping you will be able to help me retrieve an item that is stuck at your Troja location. This would also be a potential PR opportunity for Povodí Vltavy.

We at and decided to conduct an experiment to track an Apple AirTag tracking device as it floated along the Vltava and hopefully into the Elbe. The AirTag is contained within a small, waterproof cannister.

We tracked the cannister from Charles Bridge to Troja, where it now appears to be stuck in this location:

It appears that someone from your offices, who also has an iPhone with Bluetooth enabled, visits the location each weekday in the early morning.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reach that location as it appears to be protected by a gate.

Would it be possible for:

A, Us to visit this location, attempt to retrieve the cannister and send it on its journey, or,

B. For one of your on-site staff to visit this location, attempt to retrieve the cannister and send it on its journey?

We would, of course, be happy to credit your organisation and, if you would like, promote your activities.

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