The Museum of Public Transport, in Prague, is the perfect place for tram enthusiasts of all ages. Now, it’s also perfect for art lovers, thanks to an exhibition of paintings by Czech artist Martina Krupičková beginning Saturday 7th June 2022.

The museum contains around fifty trams, ranging from an original horse-drawn tram to almost modern day. Trams also appear in many of the paintings by Martina Krupičková. Together, they are a perfect match.

We visited for a preview of the exhibition.

The museum, based in what was the Střešovice tram depot, provides a fascinating story of innovation, ingenuity, creativity and design. The depot, with pillars supporting a vaulted roof, dates back to 1909 and was declared a historically significant structure, worthy of preservation, in 1991.

Attached to many of the pillars, are oil on canvas paintings by Martina Krupičková. The paintings feature cityscapes, trams and natural landscapes, all created by applying oil onto a black canvas using a palette knife – no brushes are used.

The art exhibition runs until 29th June 2022.

At the weekend and on public holidays, historic trams set off from the museum and run through the city centre. You can hop on and off nostalgic route number 41 on days when the tram is running.

Museum of Public Transport
Patočkova 132/2
Praha 6

Opening hours: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. These hours will expand in June.

Admission charges:
children (up to age 6): free
children (ages 6–15): 60 CZK
students (up to age 26): 60 CZK
adults: 100 CZK
seniors (over 65): 60 CZK
family (2 adults + max. 3 children): 250 CZK
disabled card (ZTP/P) holders and (ZTP/P) guides and assistants: free