Most visitors to the Duomo head up to the spectacular roof terraces. The least expensive ticket is for the stairs, next is for the elevator – both can have long wait lines. But did you know there is also a fast-track elevator?

The entrance for the stairs (€10 in 2022).

The entrance to the elevator (lift) (€14 in 2022).

With the line continuing back this far.

The entrance to the fast-track elevator (lift) (€23 in 2022).

All the signs ask that you purchase a ticket in advance. The official website offers a variety of tickets, but doesn’t mention fast-track. It appears that the only way to purchase a fast-track ticket (apart from paying double via an agency) is to visit the fast-track ticket office.

Note that both regular and fast-track elevator routes are only up – you still have to walk down. The steps exit through the cathedral, so you do get to see it, but unless you purchase a ticket that includes cathedral access, you can’t walk around inside.

An extra €9 for fast track, may seem indulgent, but if you plan to visit the cathedral, a regular elevator ticket is €20 and fast-track only €25 – just €5 more.

Having made it to the roof terraces, you’ll find great architecture, views and likely plenty of tourists!

Fast-track details: