In Borgovico is a slightly strange, but good value, restaurant in Como – a town where it’s a struggle to find good food for a reasonable price. We found In Borgovico about a fifteen-minute walk from the Hilton Lake Como.

The interior is rustic.

The waiter was friendly. The place was empty for the entire time we visited.

A 1/2 litre carafe of red wine was €8. A 0.7l bottle of water €3. Cover charge €2.

The antipasto meat selection was pretty good €12.

The really off-putting thing was the sound of someone coughing, almost continuously, in a room at the back of the restaurant. Was it another customer, or perhaps the owner?

The Linguine alle vongole was tasty €13.

I went to visit the bathroom, walking past an open kitchen in the rear. It was then I realised that it was the chef who was coughing. This would be disconcerting at any time, but now more so with Covid still lurking.

I returned and asked the waiter about the chef and what illness we should be expecting to catch. He explained that the chef was a big smoker and the cough was the result.

So, I don’t know what to say about In Borgovico. The food was good and neither of us developed a cough afterward. If it were anywhere other than Como, I would say don’t bother to visit.

Pizzeria In Borgovico
Via Borgo Vico, 79 (CO) 22100, Italy

+39 031 57 36 03