Markéta K loves travelling. In December 2019, she stayed at the White Nest Hostel in Granada, Spain. The bedroom was empty. Then, a tall Frenchman, with dark curly hair and dark eyes emerged from the shower…

This sounds like the start of a romantic novel where they gazed into each other’s eyes and he took her into his arms, letting his lips touch hers so lightly she could hardly feel it.

That’s not what happened. Instead, they just chatted for a while in a mixture of English and Spanish – Markéta is Czech and the stranger was French. Markéta hoped to see him that evening – sadly she never saw him again, nor does she know his name. All she knows is that he is French and a chef.

Now, almost three years later, Markéta would like to find this stranger – can anyone help her?

Markéta wrote the following on a backpackers’ Facebook page and the BugAdvisor team offered to help her in her quest.

My Story

In 2019/2020 I studied in Murcia, Spain. I travelled around there, especially in Andalusia, where I started a five-week journey.

I was in Granada, December 22, 2019, staying at the White Nest Hostel. I was there for third time, because I love this city. Same hostel, but something was different.

My room was on the ground floor, close to the kitchen. I arrived about 4pm that day. The room was empty, but there was a man in the bathroom.

A few minutes later he came from the bathroom after taking a shower. We started to talk, partly in English, partly in Spanish. It was really nice and naturally funny – I liked him. But I was in the process of healing, plus traveling taught me not to take meetings with other people too seriously – I would meet a lot of other travellers, one day someone from the States, next day lot of Europeans etc. And he was just after a break up with his girlfriend. So, for both of us it was just traveling and I felt it’s not “the right time”.

We talked about; my studies and what happened to me last month in Murcia, his last night party and his cough because of it, his next stop, which was the same like mine and how he doesn´t like that city “because it is dirty and ugly”, the destination of his journey and his profession, my travel and how some other French guy had ignored me the previous month.

I though we meet later as I needed to get a shower too, but we missed each other.

Unluckily, we didn´t say our names to each other – as a result I can´t google him

At the time I was totally okay with that. Since last August I´ve been going through a big transformation and I realised that this guy is still on my mind. Even though I’ve been living my live, met a looooot of people from around the world and had a looot of things to do etc.

I opened my eyes and said,” ohhh, Okay, Markéta, let’s find him!”

Dear Stranger

We met in Granada at the White Nest Hostel in December 22, 2019.

I remember that you come from France and you are a chef. You could also speak English and Spanish.

You are tall (around 185 cm, maybe taller) and look sporty. You have dark, wavy, hair and dark eyes. You are natural, optimistic, funny and brave.

In that time, you were just after a break up and on the way to India.

You are really authentic and I love it!

I know it’s been some time and perhaps you have a girlfriend, family, etc. It doesn’t matter – I´m okay with that. I´m mature enough to receive your “no”. I just need to find you and know. Of course, it would be better if you were single!

But first, I need to find you. Then, find out if you are interested to meet and get to know each other more.

So, my French Stranger, just let me know, what do you feel?

Maybe we can travel the world together and never be hungry!

So, Stranger, if you read this, then let me know and make me sure it is really you. Write me a private message, please write everything you remember about that moment and about me. I´m looking forward to meet you.

Fellow Travellers

Fellow travellers, I will be happy if you help me to find him! Recommend me where I can put this post, or you can do it by yourself.

I don´t speak French, so if you do, you can help me by sharing in French groups.

So, please, talk about that with your friends, especially those who are French, share it, comment, like this post, make screen of it and put it to the different travel/chef groups. Maybe he is still in India.

Well, I´m still learning to be patient, so, lets improve it I´m spiritual little bit and trust and know I can find him, if he is “the right Soul” for me. And if not, then not, no worries. I just need to know yes/no and not just to think about it.

Thanks to everybody for their help AND remember to seize the moment!

Are you Markéta’s stranger, or do you know him?

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Note: This isn’t an invitation for seedy guys offering one-night stands, their hand in marriage or requiring a European visa!