La Mouka is an Italian restaurant just a short walk from the metro station I.P. Pavlova. The interior is lovely. They have amazing tartlets filled with various types of savoury mousse. Sadly, the main courses need work.

Ječná street is busy and noisy, with cars and trams. I’m surprised anyone would want to sit on the outside tables, but we did see people there.

Inside is a delight and the staff are friendly.

A 0.1l glass of Primitivo was 75 Kč. Already sick of this new 0.1l glass trend, we asked for three glasses, poured into two. A carafe of water was free.

We chose three tartlets (:
Home-made dried tomatoes Pesto and goat cheese (50 Kč)
Cream-cheese and smoked salmon (55 Kč)
Roasted bacon, blue cheese, pear and fig jam (45 Kč)

All were really delicious.

Our main course arrived before we’d finished the tartlets.

The prawn and avocado bowl (270 Kč) was basically all the ingredients chopped up and plated without any imagination nor seasoning.

The ‘home-made’ fettuccine with chicken fillet, mushroom cream-sauce and Parmesan (190 Kč) was actually Pappardelle. I don’t know if it was the shape of the bowl, but the dish felt like it had been microwaved, or at least given a little boost in the microwave – it was microwave hot rather than boiled pasta hot. It was still a tasty dish, but nothing special about it at all.

The waitress asked about our food and we shared our thoughts. We’d both eaten everything and weren’t looking for a refund. The waitress did bring us two complimentary tartlets, which was nice.

The difference between the pre-made tartlets and the main courses, makes me think that there is a good chef who makes everything fresh each morning, but then leaves a heater-upper for the evening shift. Another clue is the all-day breakfasts, which look pretty good, except that none offer a poached egg, only fried or scrambled.

I’d certainly go back for the delicious tartlets, although they’re too rich to eat more than three, maybe four. If La Mouka can improve their main courses, then this could be a great restaurant.

La Mouka
Ječná 243
Prague 120 00
Czech Republic

+420 773201771