Just a short walk from Prague’s Hradčanská metro station, Mash Hana is a truly authentic Japanese restaurant. Our visit included excellent food and friendly service for a reasonable price.

The interior has a classic Japanese minimalist style. Almost all the customers were Japanese.

There are four chairs at the sushi bar, which is manned by a skilled Japanese chef.

A 0.2l glass of a decent French Merlot was 70 Kč. A jug of tap water was free.

We started with ‘Aburaage Misoshiru’ – miso soup with fried tofu and wakame seaweed (90 Kč). A great miso soup and one of four to choose from.

Next, we tried ‘Okonomiyaki’ a delicious Japanese savoury pancake dish (260 Kč). I always like how the bonito flakes move with the heat of the pancake.

A 15-piece Maki sushi Set – five types: tuna, salmon, cucumber, pickled radish, California sesame (340 Kč). The sushi was excellent.

Finally, we managed to squeeze in some delicious ‘Nira Gyoza’ – six steamed pork dumplings with garlic chives (160 Kč).

Followed by, a complimentary cup of green tea.

We really enjoyed our visit to Mash Hana and will definitely return soon – it’s perfect.

Mash Hana
Badeniho 3
Praha 6, 160 00

(+420) 224 324 034
(+420) 733 790 818